What’s a Grackle?

Nothing, whats a grackle for you?

Anyway, a grackle is a bird which I had heard of over the years, but apparently I had never seen one because when I saw one this week (twice) I was like “Does that crow have a blue head, what’s the deal?” The Internet helped me to know what it actually was (it was a grackle, in case you haven’t been paying attention) and I think they’re neat. They look like this:


I don’t know how exactly I have lived in the city for so long without seeing one, but now that I have I can say I am a grackle fan.

  1. They had a number of them at the resort I stayed when I went to Mexico. They didn’t seem scared of people at all. They would get real close to people. Probably trying to decide which person looked the tastiest.

    • I do that myself when I’m on vacation. I’m just like grackles.

  2. Grackles are like one of the commonest birds around. I’m sure you’ve seen them, at least from a distance, and thought they were crows.

    • I’m willing to accept that this is probably true, though it just makes me sadder since I consider myself the kind of person who pays attention to crows.

      • As apparently awesome as grackles appear to be (considering that awesome smile and all), I am still a crow fan. Go Crows!

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      • Oh man, don’t get me wrong! I’m still loving the crows, but I spread the love around. Grackles are just something I didn’t realize I loved until recently.

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