The Lost Wallet of the Haligonian Peninsula

Okay, so I lost my wallet today. Marq and I had gone to see Cabin in the Woods (my second viewing, it being an excellent film) and as we got up to leave I said “I feel like I’m missing something,” but apparently I did not investigate hard enough because after Marq headed off on his way home I realized I had a new wallet-sized amount of air in my pocket. Sucks for me!

The staff of the theatre have taken my number and will call me if it is found (and I checked the ground between the cinema and the bus stop twice), but I’ve already had to cancel credit cards. This is a hassle and I am right now going to remind myself: When you get the new credit card, PDR, make sure to update all the things, including this site, which are paid for by that card. Do not lose this site.


Wallets hold money.
This is their primary use.
They can also sing.

My wallet (one of the non-singing variety) did not have much money in it, but apart from the aforementioned cards it did have my health card, a id card for work, and a Subway gift card with like 16 bucks on it. I hope it is found.

I lost a wallet once before, years ago, and have a mildly interesting story I might as well put on the Internet: I had found and returned a purse a few weeks earlier and been given a twenty dollar bill as a reward even though I didn’t want to take it. I had pinned that twenty to my bulletin board intent on not spending it. So when my wallet went missing (evidently falling out of my pants while I was skateboarding. This is why I prefer to keep my wallet in my trenchcoat pockets. These have yet to let me down, as my wallet had also been in my pants today. Pants are stupid), I got a call from some nice guy who had found it and I decided to give the very same twenty I had got to this guy. I choose to believe the same bill went on to be passed from person to person as a reward for things to this day, but this is unlikely. But still, it would be nice.

  1. And here we both thought it was your phone, which had also fallen out of your pocket but was retrieved.

    • Yeah, I must have lose them both at the same time, but I was only aware of the phone because it made more of a noise as it hit the floor. If my hand groping blindly in the dark had stumbled across the wallet prior to the phone this whole mess could have been prevented.

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