Ready to Fight!

Okay, I have no idea if this is something that has every happened to other people or not, but it is certainly a first for me. I just woke up with start and my were fists clenched and ready to swing at some imaginary foes. It was like I was a badass in a movie who sleeps with one eye open so nobody can sneak up on him. Yep, pretty badass.

Of course, since nobody was there I also felt like an idiot.

Anyway, since it seems like my theme this month is sleep/dreaming, I am lucky to be able to remember the bit of the dream just before this sudden arousal. I was on a highway running through the desert where some avant garde artist had made a sculpture. It was a sculpture of a small house which was designed in such a way as to obscure what was through the front door until you were standing in front of it. Once you were standing in front of it, you saw that a cannon was pointing directly at you, oh my!

Except this wasn’t enough. The artist explained (my dream cutting occasionally to snippets of an interview with him) that nobody was as frightened by cannon as he had hoped. Perhaps cannons are just not as relevant as a weapon these days, so everyone assumed it was harmless. Not the response the artist had intended. So what he did is he added to the piece. He created a handful of statues, also only visible from that spot in front of the house, depicting seedy looking folks pointing guns are the viewer. So it was there that I was standing when some noise from the real world must have woken me up enough that my fight response translated into a physical move.

It’s an interesting start to a day anyway…

  1. I think your dream is telling you to buy a cannon. Even though they do not seem as threatening as they were in the old days they are still an artistic and stylish way to kill people.

    • Though it should be remembered, I’m not 100% into the whole killing people thing.

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