January 16th Phone Guys

Now, I’m only giving you Phone Guys today, but that is because we’re changing how we do things. The SecGov comics will now be appearing more than once a week and Mondays will be for other comics like Phone Guys, Little Choys and anything else I want. The SecGov stuff will have a permanent place at the top of the page, with posts like this below, like if this was a proper webcomic site. Sure, people might miss out on new posts if they don’t scroll down past the comic, but I can’t help everything, people. Anyway, should be SecGov up tomorrow if all goes well.

  1. That Pete is a sneaky bastard but not sneaky enough to sneak that one past Jeremy.

    • Yeah, I’m going to have to change my pacing a little bit now that I’m only doing one at a time, probably.

    • It may be brief, however we’re getting it multiple times a week. If Pat feels productive enough (and, looking back on his schedule this year, there’s been a number of times where he’s been busy), maybe two times a week will become three times a week! Maybe if we bug him enough! (Okay, I’ll shut up now.)

      Also: Comic Mondays still exist, which is pretty cool. I mean, how many times have we come here for something specific only to be met with spoon envy or philisophical aliens? The PDR is a machine.

      • If I’m such a machine, how come I never get anywhere near the output that I wish I was getting out there?

        Commented: PDR (on )
        Permalinked: c69586
      • Work is holding you back. That’s my answer. That’s my answer for me too.

        Commented: Marq (on )
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