An Adventure of Joe’s Head and a Balloon

What do we have here then? It’s An Adventure of Joe’s Head and a Balloon, my effort at making a Flash movie. I never could figure out how to put sound in, so I didn’t. Here’s what you would have heard.

There’s a woosh, then a reverse woosh, and the aliens say “We are here to shoot your city.” Then we hear a zap followed by a Ka-Booom!

Joe’s all like “Wha?” Then realizes what’s up and says “I’m gonna get dem guys!”

The UFO goes like “Beware, Earthling!” and there’s a “wooooooop” as the balloon does it’s thing. But then Twang! “Ow”, Twang “Ow”, Twang! “Ow”, Twang “Ow”, Twang! “Ow”, Twang “Ow”! And the aliens go “Let’s get outta here!”

And “duh-duh duh-DUH!” That’s it.

As for the behind the scenes stuff, I made it with the 30 day trial of Flash and I just barely finished what I have in that time. Also, Alyssa Milano was attached to play the love interest, but scheduling conflicts led to her being replaced by Cher, who was cut out.

And check out the wicked short credits.

Patrick D Ryall, the D is for Law
Originally posted on Contains2 Wednesday 16 October 2002

  1. What’s with all the body-less guys all of a sudden? How about a headless guy instead? Or a torso-less guy. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that before.

    • I’m sure Pat would want people to come to their own conclusions, but let me put forth the idea that perhaps this head-without-a-body and the other head-without-a-body that we’ve seen recently are the same person…

      • If it’s the same guy, he’s lost of lot of weight after becoming a super-hero. Which I guess makes sense.

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    • Well, it isn’t really all that “all of a sudden” as this little cartoon is almost a decade old. But I’ll see if I can’t be more representative of the headless in the future.

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