Secret Upgrade

Regular viewers of this site will notice that absolutely nothing is different. The menu to the right has always been there and the banner at the top is obviously not a smaller and more colorful replacement for an older banner. And there sure aren’t another other changes both cosmetic and functional designed to bring the Book of PDR into the new year all fancy and new. But somehow I still feel like thanking Marq for it.

In other news, while I wrote this I ate a pita bread with peanut butter and banana slices on it and I’m pretty sure that combination should be called a PDRPBBNP in the future. (Obviously that stands for PDR Peanut Butter, Banana ’n Pita. I’m not spelling it out to imply anyone is stupid, but I figure someday aliens will read this and I want them to have proper context.)

  1. Hopefully the only things left are the minor, non-website-breaking kinds.

    • Yeah, if anyone sees a way the site is broken, maybe tell us and we (meaning Marq) can fix it?

      • Comments nest three deep now, although I wonder if that’s too much. We certainly don’t need it any higher than that. This is probably just a comment for testing purposes, pay no heed.

        Commented: Marq (on )
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  2. I’m pretty sure I don’t like it, but I’m also reasonably certain I’ll get used to it.

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