Sometimes Haikus Vanish

I think I might have a superhuman ability to lose nail clippers. I even wrote a post about it a few hours ago including a haiku about how I can’t find them even though I own two pairs. But then I lost that post too. Superhuman, see?

I will not attempt to recreate the haiku, I am afraid. I could never recapture the moment and to attempt would just cheapen us all.

In other news, as my Halloween-time trip to NYC approaches, it becomes ever more apparent how much money I don’t have. I’m not going to not take the trip, obviously. But I am going to be suffering afterward (and a bit beforeward if I want to have money to spend…).

Such is the way of things.

  1. Time to get your ass on the street corner and whore yourself for money. I will totally be your pimp by the way. I’ll only take 25% of your earnings.

  2. I whore myself out for money all the time. I’m headed there in about half an hour.

    But, one good thing, I found my fingernail clippers. The Internet can stop worrying about that.

  3. I want you to remember that 25% of those nail clippers are mine.

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