Problems… From the Future!

I have long been prepared for myself to travel back from the future to visit present-me and offer me advice or even supertechnology. I even had a code-phrase in place that I would be able to tell myself to prove that I was really future me! But I still haven’t had a visit from Future-Me. I was wondering why this was…

Somebody recently helped me realize what’s going on. It’s like this: At some point between now and the Future, my code phrase must become compromised. The bad guys (be they humans, robots, aliens, or commies) have somehow learned my secret code and Future-Me had to pick a new secret code and I don’t know it yet. So that means that Future-Me can’t visit me because I’m out of the loop. Curse my many enemies. Curse them all for ruining my time-travel fun times.


From the far future
come a man and a robot.
They are my new friends.

Speaking of time-travel, I do believe that the new season of Doctor Who has just started, so I am going to watch that in the considerably not-distant future.

  1. Why yes the new season of Doctor Who started yesterday. Or maybe I’m from the future and it didn’t in this time line. Time travel is fun.

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