Stupid Over Hurricanes!

Hey look at that! A bunch of sticks!

So yesterday we got hurricaned. I lost power for eighteen hours and was Internetless for even longer. Apart from that, it was a nice warm rain and all that humidity that I’ve been hating for last month. The weather is now quite nice. Good hurricane everybody.

Also, I had a cucumber and some mayo in the fridge that I assume is no longer good. Poor wasted food. I did finish my ice cream, though.

  1. Someone piled a bunch of stick on one of the paths here, although it was not as impressive as that pile.

    We lost power for a little under two hours. I think because we’re so close to the senior’s complex across the street that maybe we’re on the same grid as them… although, someone who lives even closer to that did not lose power at all, so maybe we’re not? Either way, our fridge full of food did not go to waste.

  2. No stick pile will ever be as impressive as my stick pile because mine is naturally infused with my own impressiveness. Fact.

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