Bark Woof Bark.

Fact: I don’t think it is biologically possible for sideburns to be even. I bet there is some sort of follicle distribution discrepancy that makes it just impossible. This is one of several reasons why I only shave occasionally. (It seems like this topic has come up recently…)

Do you suppose if someday we learn how to speak the language of dogs that we’ll go back and see movies that had dog actors and it’ll turn out that we can tell what they were saying?

I can see two possibilities springing from that:
A) We end up with the dogs completely ruining the movies by shouting things like “Hey look! A camera!” or “I’m barking on command!” when they are supposed to be saying “Timmy is trapped in the sarcophagus in the haunted grain silo!”

B) The dogs actually say “Timmy is trapped in the sarcophagus in the haunted grain silo!” or whatever line they were meant to say and we all have to really learn to respect dog actors a lot more.

  1. C) The dogs are explaining the meaning of life.
    D) The dogs are cussing out the actors without bleeps
    E)The Dogs are saying “I love bookofpdr”
    F) The dogs are already speaking english and humans are too dumb to understand a bark is just a bark and a woof is just a woof

  2. I like F because I approve of the idea that dogs know what I say when I talk to them.

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