I Am Rich

I now have a Visa Platinum Travel card, which I assume means that I am a rich person. Go me. I assure you all that I will use my new found wealth and privilege only for good and probably for buying DVDs and books. Probably.

Hey, I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when I try to type the word “you” I will type the word “toy” which might be because the letters make a similar pattern on a keyboard, but might it not also be because because I see all people who aren’t myself as mere playthings? Interesting.

Hey, I’m totally about to fail at Novel Writing Month. I mean, after all I did say “when” I fail and not “if” I fail in the old post. It is not a good sign that I want to write and totally don’t do it. I can try to lay the blame on how I didn’t care about that story, but the lack of discipline and the short attention span are pretty much the real blame. Also, more legitimately I began to resent the story because it was keeping me from doing a new level of Adventure Dennis or a Hover Head comic. Sigh.

And finally, man, the Super Readers are idiots. And also, what the chunks is with wolves blowing houses down? When and why did someone decide that wolves are good at blowing things over? Honestly?

  1. Remember that poor meatball that rolled off the table and traveled through the land when someone sneezed? The wolf was the one who sneezed. That’s where it came from.

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