I saw a commercial the other day for Cadbury Eggs that played off their usual Easter Bunny commercials by saying that there is Another Bunny who delivers eggs the rest of the year. I find this unfair. If you are going to make the Easter Bunny a part of your advertising campaign, you don’t get to just make some other bunny because you realize it only works on a seasonal basis.

I… have strong opinions about advertising?

Oh well, it seems a worthy complement to my recent post about the spam. Of which I am still getting lots. It is not cool. At least television commercials are a small part of my life what with watching most television online. Plus as grating as they can be at least they aren’t as bizarrely pointless as this spam I’ve been getting. That said, I got one the other day with the (I assume randomly generated) poster name “Plornt” and that name amuses me.

In other television commercial news, a while back I saw a commercial for crackers, right? You know crackers. The commercial had the song “Raise A Little Hell” by Trooper. Someone, some advertising dude, was all like “You know what song is appropriate for a commercial about putting crackers in soup? ‘Raise A Little Hell’ by Trooper.” and there was nobody around who said “Wait, really?”

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