The United Nations Wants Me.

So, I got an envelope in the mail the other day. Not that rare an occurrence. But this one was from the UNITED NATIONS. As far as I am concerned this is a step in the right direction. They’re finally beginning to acknowledge that I am a sovereign nation.

Naturally the letter has nothing to do with recognizing my sovereignty. And technically it is from the “United Nations Association of Canada”. But that’s close enough, right?

Anyway, it is a Citizens’ Panel Survey. Apparently the UN is interested on how we mere citizens think they are doing. Fair enough. And also they wouldn’t mind a monetary donation or two. I suppose that makes sense. They probably heard I was the kind of sap who will give money to lost causes. Okay. But when you get down to the bottom of the sheet where you fill out your name and information the square for “Yes! I would like to donate money” is already checked off. The survey is printed with that checkmark already in place. Why design the thing to look like it is an option in the first place? Annoying. The United Nations only wants me to give them my opinion if I am also giving them money. Well not this time United Nations!

Not this time!

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