Content Dammit Content.

So I did up that Hover Head comic strip there as a continuation of my learning to use the hand drawing table thing. I am also learning much about coloring them. Granted Hover Head it about as easy to draw as a superhero could be and my coloring style is quite simplistic as well, but I like it.

Also, I have just posted a story I wrote for Contains2 way back. I will probably continue moving my writings from Contains2 over here, since I’d like to have them online somewhere and the fixing of Contains2 is probably still years away from happening. I began going through “Money, Guns and Mustard” with the intent of fixing it so it was consistently written in one tense, but I just couldn’t decide on whether past or present worked better so I am leaving it as the poorly-written piece of nonsense it was created to be and should be.

All in all I’m working towards making the Book of PDR actually have content on it. A novel idea.

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