This is C.W.

Shooting Time has just finished.

This is C.W. He is a soldier in the Space Army. He appears to have some kind of eye-stalk in a jar for a head. He is a shapechanger, but tends to forget that because he prefers to solve his problems with shooting. I invented him back in Junior High. He appears now for the first time in color.

I present this drawing as my first attempt at working on a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet Drawing Machine. It allows me to draw right on the computer without hassle like scanning getting in my way. And I don’t seem to draw a whole lot worse than I do on paper. When I get more practice and if I took more time I bet I could even draw pretty acceptably. Time will tell, I suppose.

(The background was not drawn by hand. I just whipped that up quick so it wouldn’t look so empty. As for why the cacti are so close to the horizon? I’m going to assume there is a cliff right there. Yeah.)

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