And Maybe I’ll Start Doing New Ones Soon.

I enjoyed seeing the images from Geocities a few posts back there and felt I needed to get more images and stuff on this here site of mine. When I was going through the stuff I managed to salvage from my old computer I found a little thing I’d done that I don’t remember ever putting on the late, lamented Contains2 Comics Page. Here it is.

Since making this, I've been in a desert.

In other news, I was thinking the other day that a shaved horse would probably look really weird, but then it occurred to me that their hair isn’t that long anyway. I don’t know if a shaved horse would be freaky or if I’d just barely notice. Someone needs to find out for me.

  1. Man, is that comic Contains2-licious.

    I miss Contains2 somethin’ fierce.

  2. Yes, the Contains2 comics section is one of the things I miss most about Good Old Contains2.

    And if my broken heart is any judge, horses aren’t quite so reliable either.

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