Yeah, So….

Previously on Book of PDR:

I had a computer virus which was quite mean and tenacious. My inability to get rid of it annoyed me, but having cleaned as much as I knew how to and enough to continue doing most of what I needed to do, I was content to let it be.

Last week my computer seemed to magically clear itself of the virus. Scans turned up some corrupted files that had been missing not been detected before and it cleared them up. Then I could do the two things the virus remnants had not been letting me do: I could defragment the drive and I could update my anti-virus software. But then it all went bad. Suddenly my computer was saying that I had 98% free space or something like that. I figured that was not good. Then the computer shut down. Also not good. The computer can no longer start up because it says it lacks an operating system. That, I can can only assume, is the final straw of not good. It looks very likely as though my computer died and lost everything saved on it. Music, photos and most devastatingly everything I’d written within the last six months or so is apparently gone. Skynet won that computer.

Now, obviously I am using a computer to write this. What I did was go out and got myself a laptop and now I am using this for my computing needs. I have a tradition as far as naming my computers. The first was Computron. The second was Computron V. The third was Computron X. This new laptop is Computron Rex. Welcome to the family Computron Rex, we all hope you’ll enjoy your time as PDR’s machine.

On top of that when I got the Laptop and got back on the Internet, my little site here was gone. Server maintenance it seems. A week I was without the writing stored here and most of my other writing gone, I was mad with insanity from that I was gone. But now it is back and I have learned a lesson about backing stuff up. Everything.

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