The Problem with Daytime

I had to be awake during the daytime yesterday to do some shopping and I noticed something strange. There is this great big ball of fire in the sky and nobody even notices it! The fire is making everything uncomfortably bright and hot and everybody is just walking around like that is normal. Psh.


Never trust an elk.
They all only want one thing.
They want your body.

So, I bought Spaced on DVD yesterday. It cost me like seventy-four dollars. Is it worth it? Sure. But I already owned it on Region 2 DVD from way back when it was not available here. But because the money-worshipers in charge of everything don’t want me to be able to view Region 2 DVDs with ease here in the First Region, I had to rebuy it. There is something wrong with society when I can’t watch a show that I paid for on a machine that I also paid for just because it comes from abroad. Lame. But anyway, now I can watch it again.

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