Today there is an election in a foreign land. The nation of Patrick D Ryall has to work late tonight because of that fact (though it’ll likely be a night without much actual real work, just more waiting) but the foreign nation can make it up to me by electing correctly. Populace of America: Vote foe PDR. It’s the only sensible choice.

You know, I think, were I American, I’d actually vote this year. That’s something I never did as a Canadian. So far declaring my independence has worked out just fine.

And speaking of being American, the Nation of PDR spells a lot of words the American way, but there are some which me and my spellcheck totally do not agree on. “Traveller” for instance. “Harbour” is another, though generally I favor the “u” dropping in words. A vote for PDR is probably also a vote for him changing the official spelling of random words to the way he likes them with no heed for whatever anyone else says.

  1. Well, I didn’t get elected. I guess it’s true what they say: “If you want to get elected president in a country where it isn’t even legal for you to be president, you should at least start your campaign before the voting begins.” Oh well.

    As it stands, I’m happy with the choice they made. Just everybody remember how bad the economy and world affairs was before he got in, because in four years they’re gonna try to make it seem like it was his fault.

    Also, my night at work was not all that long and wait-filled and had lots of physical labour. I guess this whole post was for naught the first time around.

  2. I’ll vote for you next election if you promise to change the word “vagina” to “wippertingle”.

  3. If that’s what it takes to get a vote, I can’t think of a reason not to.

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