A few days ago I was in line at the Superstore and the man BEHIND me in line apologized to me for taking so long. I don’t actually know what that was about. I am hoping he did it just to confuse me.

Yesterday, the Superstore was super-packed with customers and I wanted to buy some nail clippers. The store was closing in like five minutes and the lines were quite long so I grabbed the first nail clippers I saw even though they were quite clearly labeled as being “For Her” even though I see no discernible difference between them and any other nail clippers I’ve ever owned. But deep down, I feel now that any time I am cutting my fingernails, I am doing something girly. Fortunately, I’m 100% okay with that.

  1. HAhahahahahahahhahhah!!! May confusion float in your soul and expand slowly like a piece of dry cat food that has fallen into the cat’s water bowl!!! HAhahahahahhahahah my evil truly knows no bounds!

  2. Ah, now I see how your mayhem works. I’ll not be confused by the likes of you again!

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