PDR Stupid

Stupid thing that PDR does too often: Opening doors quickly and they smash into my toes. It isn’t a problem when I’m wearing shoes, but when I’m not it can hurt. Granted I do stuff that’s way stupider than that, but this one happens more often than those. That’s what makes those ones special.

Another stupid thing, is that I still haven’t got my sleeping schedule back on track. I think, if I were independently wealthy, I would just abandon the whole nocturnally/diurnal systems and just go to sleep when I got tired and wake up whenever I was done. It may not quite work all the time, but it would be less problematic than spending hours laying awake and trying to get to sleep, which is a great waste of a few hours.

And finally, I would like all Spanish-speaking people to say “Hijole” more often. It would please me.

  1. I know a few words in Spanish so technically I’m Spanish speaking because I’ve said those words. So “Hijole Patrick.”

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