Weekend’s Over.

I remember now that when I have a good weekend it makes it that much more depressing when the weekend ends just as I’m getting into it. I could complain for hours…

It’s weird. Kip and Karen got married yesterday and, by strange coincidence there was this big ceremony where they were the guests of honor. Strange. It was pretty good, though.

I’ve suggested to Marq that we move the Contains2 to a new domain name, since he seems to feel it is impossible to change servers otherwise. I guess Contains2.ca would be the most logical choice after a dot-com. I just wish he’d do it sooner, so I could stop paying for the thing every month. I just wish I could get my email back…

And finally, they need to build a giant statue of a monster in every city. Then, as will inevitably happen they will all be struck by lightning, come to life and then we can pit them against each other to solve disputes. Disputes like abortion and capital punishment and global warming.

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