Nothing New

I find myself in the exact same state I was last time. Treading water. Stagnating. It sucks. I’ve wanted to quit my job for, what, four and a half years? And I just don’t have the balls to do it. I remember when I used to go through jobs every couple months. I liked that better. I’ve taken to buying lottery ticks every couple weeks. I know it’s slim hope for freedom, but it is some hope that I could free myself from the “system”. I can say I would be a kickass multi-millionaire, though. I’ve totally mapped out what I would do with the money and I think it’s all pretty good. Certainly better than what I’m doing now.

What I really need to do is some writing. It’s been way too long. Perhaps I should just sit down tomorrow and pump out some piece of nonsense like I used to. For now:


Planet Mercury!
It goes around the sun fast.
It is such a chump.

The Contains2 server is still not working. I’m at a loss. I’d like to have it all moved over to the same server I use for this one but I’m completely ignorant of how to do it. They really need to make some changes to how the Internet works.

Finally your horoscope for today: Beware of good things. They may be bad things in disguise. Accept bad things, because they’re probably actually good things. Also, go check your mail. I sent you a bomb. It’s totally going to be a bad thing.

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