Gotta go soon, writing instead…

Over the weekend I found out that it’s possible to set DVD players so they can play DVDs regardless of the Region-type. I always thought it was a technical limitation that kept us from watching European DVDs. Apparently it’s just companies trying to screw us over.

Anyhow, now I’ve got Spaced on DVD after watching not-quite-legal versions for so long.

In other news we have snow here now. I was quite liking not having it. And of course this city doesn’t know how to drive in the snow anymore, so I have to leave early for work. Winter blows for another reason today.

  1. Snow finally. Must be nice. Last night we had a low of 10 degrees I think. It’s nice living in a place where the fountains run all year round and in mid-day you can run around in a t-shirt in the middle of winter but there is no heating here so it’s usually colder inside than outside and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    Hey I have an idea… Come visit!!!

  2. hello PDR, this is SDC, spen. I am very interested in making my dvd player play Pal dvds, I am also very interested in watching spaced. You can make it happen. give me an email soon. Spen

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