Face Bashed In

I had just finished getting ready for work and was killing the time remaining until my ride got there. It was getting cold, so I decided to close the window. Unfortunately, I had been leaning out the window watching the traffic. I managed to whack the window into my own face. Right on that bony part around the eye.

And to make myself appear even dumber, as I did this I had been singing the theme to the Littlest Hobo and I didn’t stop right away. I was like “Every stop I make, I make a (WHACK) new friend… hey OW!”.

Next time someone tries to tell me I’m not as dumb as I think I am, I have yet another piece of ammunition in my retort.

  1. Another victim of The Littlest Hobo Curse. All who sing the theme will be wacked in the face. And every stop they make they make a new enemy. Like the dreaded window of DOOM!!!. Beware the curse.

  2. I’m willing to face that curse to sing that song.


    I wish I were that dog.

  3. Isn’t that dog dead now, you wish you were a deaddog?

    Ah, don’t we all… don’t we all.

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