So anyway, a buncha years ago I created a blog on which I wanted to post stories while hiding my identity. A secret pseudonym identity where I could just write more things and nobody would know. Why? Why do I do any of this? For my own amusement.

But, as should be evident by this site alone, I haven’t had the time to write as many prose things as I’d like. For a while I was getting stories done both here and there, but I let it slide. And then I started a webcomic and then I went back to school and then I started my Super Sunday things. Before long I was getting things done here with some consistency, but I pretty much forgot about that site (but never the story I was telling). I recently realized I haven’t updated that blog since 2012. So, I quit. I’m going to fold AbatwaX’s stories into this site over the next week or two and hopefully get back to them here someday. I admit, it was somewhat foolhardy for me to try working under a pseudonym before I even had a regular writing thing going on here.

Also, I did some short stories for my Creative Writing mid-term. I’m going to transcribe those and have them up over the next week or two as well. This will bulk up my prose section a bit. Obviously, nobody cares about prose stories, but hey, they’ll be there for me and that’s what I want.

Why School Bugs Me, Another Reason

The Assignment: An essay, one thousand words long.
Comment Written on Paper by Marker: “Both your paper and your conclusion are too short (1000 word).”
Wordcount According to my Word Processing Software: 1143 (not counting title and “works cited” page)
My Reaction: “Well, at least my concerns about going over the limit were unfounded.”

Seriously, it’s nice to know that all the work I put in to trim my paper down so that it was only 143 words over the limit actively worked against my mark. I just wish I’d had that “track changes” thing active so I could check and see how much I trimmed specifically from the conclusion.

Some Updating…

Okay, so today’s SecGov page wraps up the most recent story. During the course of that story I lost my script and just winged it for the rest of the scheduled 22 pages, so the pacing suffered, but whatever, it is done. With that story done, though, a lot of the little plot threads I had tried to build are now at the surface. I’m going to now probably focus on single pages for a while, because they’re a lot easier. Hopefully I’ll be able to delve into something more substantial soon.

In other news I had a dream the other night in which I was the new Prime Minister of Russia and I began my career by going house to house to ask what people thought their three least favorite things about the country was. I got to about five houses before waking up. Being Prime Minister of Russia seems hard.

The Story of my Two New Classes

I’m over halfway though my second semester of school and it occurs to me that I haven’t posted anything about my new classes. Time to remedy that, I guess.

I have two classes this semester that I didn’t have in the last one. They’re both English classes, one an Introduction to Prose and Fiction, the other a Reading Popular Culture class. Each class has its ups and its downs, the ups mostly being that they introduce me to new works and then discuss them. The downs being all the same stuff I’ve complained about in other posts about school.

I really don’t enjoy literary analysis. No, that’s not entirely accurate. I don’t enjoy doing literary analysis because I’m told to. If I read something and I’m struck with some opinion that I’d like to discuss, just try to stop me from sharing that opinion (and I’ve picked up plenty of things for writing such opinions in essay form that I quite appreciate). But in these classes you’re expected to force yourself to come up with some opinion and then dress it up like you’re not just doing some homework, but like you actually care. And, furthermore, you’re supposed to frame your essay as though you’re certain about this opinion you’re pretending to care about. You can’t say “I think John Authorington’s use of a radioactive lobster is pretty neat because he also used a giant red monster the other time Protagonist Joe was nervous. I wonder if there’s something to that. Let’s look at the evidence…” but you are absolutely expected to say “Authorington uses the radioactive lobster, and other red monsters, to represent Protagonist Joe’s nervousness FOR ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN JUST LOOK AT ALL THE PROOF…” I don’t care for that. I hate pretending that any of my opinions are absolute certainties even when I care about them. When I’m making up crap just to pass an assignment and I’m expected to act like I’m so committed, I feel terrible about that. At least if I could write about stuff I had an opinion on, I’d be able to at least put some gusto into my arguments.

I suppose the argument from the school’s point of view is that they’re trying to teach you how to do analysis of things you do care about, but they have to teach you somewhere. If you don’t find something to opine about in the works that the teacher is teaching, you can’t expect to get to switch to something the teacher doesn’t know just because that’s what you want to write about. My rebuttal is “Fart sound, middle finger, don’t care, shut up.” It’s the same thing that’s bothered me time and again: I don’t care if the school can tell if I’m learning, I care if I can tell that I’m learning. I know, I know. School doesn’t work that way, I know, but the fact that “school doesn’t work that way” is not a reason for me to stop complaining about it. It is, in fact, the reason I keep complaining about it.

These classes have got me to read a number of short stories and stuff, though, which has been nice. And a couple novels too. Tarzan of the Apes and Oroonoko. I might, conceivably, have wound up reading Tarzan someday, but I had never even heard of Oroonoko, so I’m glad I was introduced to it. I like reading books.

How PDR Makes Comics Quickly

Well. Where to begin? This Tuesday’s Secret Government Robots comic was thrown together about two hours before the (admittedly arbitrary) four in the morning deadline. The result was one of the most half-assed comics to date. That isn’t even new art, people. I cut those poses from old pages.

Now I couldn’t have that become the norm. I had to find a way to build up the buffer I once had that has been eaten up by schooling. Well. It occurred to me that I might be able to do a static image (drawing is always the most time-consuming part of this nonsense for me) and just have some characters talking. Maybe over a phone! Brilliant! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sort of thing before.

Anyway, today’s comic is going up late (though, again, the deadline is meaningless and only I would notice) but it will be followed by five more pages that I intend to finish tonight, thus giving me a few weeks in which I can get schooling stuff done, but also hopefully do a better job of future comics.