2015 Ender

The Dark Lord Char’Nagh rides anew, sending lightning bolts flying and creating vast, coastline-shattering waves. Will we be able to stand this? Only time will tell.

Okay, another new year. This is definitely the year that Secret Government Robots will be ending. I’ve been slacking for the last few weeks, and this story has already grown two chapters larger than it was when I first plotted it out, but I should soon be back on track and we’ll get through it at last. One thing that will help, is that I’ve done some damage (thanks to effin’ snow) to the car I drive for work. This is going to set back my climbing out of debt by several months, but one the “bright side” I am unemployed while it is being repaired. If nothing else, that’ll give me time to work on stuff…


I wanted to see if my Early Morning Snow Sculpting skills had improved any since I made the Snow Duck, so when I got off work to see a layer of fluffy, packy snow was on the ground and the weather was pleasant, I went back to the Halifax Commons with a vengeance to make an animal I like even better than ducks. Stegosaurus!

I certainly don’t have the skill to make a standing Stegosaurus. I wasn’t even stupid enough to try that. But it turned out, I actually have no idea how the best dinosaur would have slept. I elected for “head down on forelimbs like a dog” because it seemed easier than “On a pile of notes from other dinosaurs admitting that Stegosaurus was the best”. Note are had to make in the medium of snow.

So anyway, this is my guy. He’s pretty small, but that’s okay, because he is clearly just a baby. He would definitely have grown into a mighty Snowgasaur whom even the Ice Age would be powerless to stop. He’d be eating all the snow peas and iceberg lettuce that I assume would have been around.

I like him, but I know I could have done better. If I’d planned this ahead of time I could have prepared. Even beyond reminding myself what they actually looked like, let alone seeing how they would have slept or how their legs bent. Also, I could have used carrots for that thagomizer spikes. That would have been sweet. Also, maybe wearing a pair of gloves. My hands are cold.

But anyway, the weather is supposed to get warm today, so this won’t be in town long. Bye snowgasaurus, thanks for dropping in.