Super Sunday: Efmons 6


And now for my final look into the Efmon family, the bad guy clan I’ve crafted over Supernatural Sunday year. They’re monsterpeople who like their dark master Thalamaya and don’t like anybody who doesn’t like their dark master.

Kriduh Efmon

Kriduh’s skill as a fighter got her through the War alive. Now she teaches the younger generations to also become skilled fighters, so that they might hopefully survive the battles yet to come. This is not an easy task. The nature of the family’s Mutation Ritual means that every child who comes of age will receive a unique form with abilities different from everyone else’s. That means that if some kid winds up in the form of an electric tentacle man, she needs to be able to tell him the best way to utilize that. Still, it needs to be done, so Kriduh keeps up with her own studies, often learning what she needs to know from the libraries of those worlds conquered by her kin.

Bernuck Efmon

Bernuck is the Efmon family’s dopey idiot. Out of all his siblings and cousins and other relations, Bernuck has the dubious honor of being the stupidest. He tries to fit in with his mystical warrior brethren, but he’d honestly rather not bother. If other planets in other universes don’t want to worship Thalamaya, why should he care? It’d be a treasonous thought if anyone bothered to listen to it. But they don’t. Instead, the Efmons try to make use of their big idiot by having him man an satellite outpost orbiting one of their conquered worlds. There, he is supposed to be monitoring lest enemies show up. Instead he sleeps a lot and watches movies. Nobody knows it, but this is the weakest point in the entire Efmon family’s operation multi-dimensional operation.

Super Sunday: Efmons 5


Here is two more of the Efmon family, the mutated cult of evil mystics whom I have covered before.

Vedur Efmon

Vedur Efmon is, in a way, the ambassador of the Efmon family. It his his job to go out to worlds and meet people who don’t worship Thalamaya. While he would love to convert them, that is often not his mission. As much as they hate to admit it, the Efmons do occasionally need to negotiate for material resources or for information. Vedur has more skill than most Efmons at restraining from killing enemies on sight, so he has to do such jobs. It isn’t easy work, but in worship of Thalamaya, Vedur will do what he must.

Towwa Efmon

Before their mutations, members of the Efmon family look roughly like normal humans look. After her mutation, Towwa, like most Efmons, looked different. Either by pure coincidence or as part of Thalamaya’s plan, Towwa’s new form, which was not especially powerful, looked exactly like one the people of planet Zezwek. In their wandering through dimensions, the Efmons had come across Zezwek and saw it as being strategically useful. An agent who could infiltrate that world, laying the groundwork for an Efmon invasion, was obviously an asset that could not be passed up. And that’s how they established their new base of operations, making slaves of the local population. Towwa now serves as the Master of Zezwek, relaying the family’s orders to the Zezwek people and, when necessary, keeping them in line with force.

Super Sunday: Efmons 4


The Efmons were, as I have mentioned before, a family of evil monster people who lost a war and fled to other dimensions.

Thenner Efmon

When the Efmons had to flee, they left behind the rest of their species. Sure, they look human (moreso before their mutation ritual admittedly), but they’re actually a humanlike species that comes from a fantasy universe. This means that they aren’t biologically compatible with the humans on any of the alternate Earths they come across. If they want to have their family line continue, they need to figure how to solve that. Thenner Efmon is in charge of the family’s mystical genetics project. Using the technology they found on one of the alien worlds they’ve conquered, Thenner has begun cloning and gene-splicing experiments that, when combined with the Mutation Ritual that the family already used, could create a horde of Efmon Super Soldiers that would definitely be a bad thing for everyone else.

Kallis Efmon

When Kallis underwent his mutation ritual and turned into a powerful dinosaur-looking guy, he was thrilled. If Thalamaya had deemed him worthy to recieve such power, it must mean that he was destined for great victories in battle. But then the War was fought and the tide turned against Thalamaya’s forces. Kallis took this pretty hard. It seemed like his destiny had been taken away. Still, his service in the war left Kallis a respected member of the family, and he is given a vote in family decisions. Whenever any such decision arises, Kallis always sides with the choice that will lead the family to new battles and new conquests. Even when others were conviced it would be better for the family to slow down and build up their strength, Kallis wants nothing more than to find new worlds to rule, so that he can achieve the destiny he wants more than anything else.

Super Sunday: Efmons 3


Time again for me to flesh out the Efmon family. These are the people from a fantasy world who mutate themselves to serve their demon bosses.

Grunnich Efmon

Grunnich is the family’s hunter. Her mutation allows her to run, on all fours, at speeds about as fast as a car and she can track scents from miles away. Her claws and her bite allow her to do a lot of damage to her prey. Since the war, Grunnich has been helpful during invasions of new worlds. When the Efmons show up in a new place and start conquering, often the first instinct of the locals is to flee and seek help. Grunnich makes sure those runners don’t get anywhere.

Essan Efmon

As should be obvious from his great big head, Essan is a smart guy. His mutation allows him to think more quickly and abstractly than a normal mortal, which has become especially useful since the family had to flee their home dimension and start dealing with the mathematics of higher space. This works out nicely for Essan, who is something of a coward and has no desire to be anywhere near physical conflicts. A downside for Essan, however, is that his intellect has riddled him with doubts about the cult-like nature of his family’s worship of the demon Thalamaya. But Essan keeps those thoughts to himself. He is a coward, after all.

Super Sunday: Efmons 2


Back to the Efmons. As a reminder, this is a family of magically mutated monstermen who serve dark masters as part of a war to conquer the multiverse.

Gervid Efmon

When Gervid was mutated to serve the family’s dark masters, he became a mostly intangible, seemingly indestructible sort of ghost-energy thing. Capable of skulking around and reaching secret locations, Gervid served as the family’s spy and assassin during the war. When the order came to abandon planet, Gervid was far into enemy lines. As they left, the rest of the family assumed he was dead, and when found no trace of them, he assumed they were dead as well. As such, Gervid is the last of the Efmons on their native world, lonely striking out at the forces who opposed them in the war, like some killer spectre striking from the shadows.

Noivel Efmon

Noivel was the first of the Efmon family to be born after the post-war fleeing from their home realm. As her family hid in some desolate world of caves and darkness, licking their wounds and laying low, it was worried that those born away from their home universe would not be able to partake in the mutation ritual, but when the time came, the ritual was tried, and it was successful. Noivel gained a deadly lizardly warrior form. If anything, her mutation was judged more monstrous and powerful than the average Efmon transformation (though not the most powerful of them all). Taking this as a sign that the clan’s best days were still to come, the Efmons were emboldened and began their new plan to conquer to and different worlds in universes as far as they could reach.