Super Sunday: Efmons 5


Here is two more of the Efmon family, the mutated cult of evil mystics whom I have covered before.

Vedur Efmon

Vedur Efmon is, in a way, the ambassador of the Efmon family. It his his job to go out to worlds and meet people who don’t worship Thalamaya. While he would love to convert them, that is often not his mission. As much as they hate to admit it, the Efmons do occasionally need to negotiate for material resources or for information. Vedur has more skill than most Efmons at restraining from killing enemies on sight, so he has to do such jobs. It isn’t easy work, but in worship of Thalamaya, Vedur will do what he must.

Towwa Efmon

Before their mutations, members of the Efmon family look roughly like normal humans look. After her mutation, Towwa, like most Efmons, looked different. Either by pure coincidence or as part of Thalamaya’s plan, Towwa’s new form, which was not especially powerful, looked exactly like one the people of planet Zezwek. In their wandering through dimensions, the Efmons had come across Zezwek and saw it as being strategically useful. An agent who could infiltrate that world, laying the groundwork for an Efmon invasion, was obviously an asset that could not be passed up. And that’s how they established their new base of operations, making slaves of the local population. Towwa now serves as the Master of Zezwek, relaying the family’s orders to the Zezwek people and, when necessary, keeping them in line with force.

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