Super Sunday: Cagloms


On the planet of the Cagloms, which they call Arvamm, the surface is only 30% of the surface is covered in water. Life does exist on the vast dry surface, but the Cagloms live in the small, though deep, oceans. Caglom society is eusocial, with breeding queens and worker castes and all of that, similar to Earth insects. All the Cagloms in this post are workers, as the other castes are often so mentally different that humans would find them too alien to relate to.

Cagloms are not confined to their homeworld. For generations Arvamm has been part of the greater galactic community. Dr. Lykstam of the League of Space Doctors is a Caglom, though the disease that group primarily fights has never reached the Caglom’s area of space. Cagloms, being aquatic, have also visited the Pllvm, who are new to the space community.

FlebbNar is a tender of the food storage facilities in his region. The Cagloms are a technologically advanced species, but the habits of their food storage have been passed down from their earlier days. They keep the colony’s entire supply of food in a large room near the queens. It is FlebbNar’s job to maintain that room and make sure none of the food spoils. The latter almost never happens anymore, but FlebbNar still has a job perk of being allowed to take the oldest food for personal use. It’s a sweet deal an FlebbNar and her friends enjoy it.

Boffik is a designer of life support packs that Cagloms can wear to exist in the waters of other planets (such as the Pllvm homeworld) or even in air. Most of the most important advantages in these packs were made long ago, but Boffik is especially focused on trying to make them smaller and lighter. Currently, Boffik is currently trying to convince the colony that she should be allowed to travel to alien worlds and examine their technology for ideas.

Gilarsk is a master artist who has created sculptures enjoyed not only by the Cagloms, but even by visitors from other planets who have taken sculptures back to their own worlds. That is pretty impressive, but Gilarsk has a dark secret: she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. She just chisels out sculptures until she thinks they look okay and everyone tells her she’s a genius. She is worried that her luck will run out and she’ll be exposed as a fraud, but there has been no sign of that happening any time soon.

A Fact About Cagloms: The longer tendrils of a Caglom have sharp barbs that can be used to inject acidic fluid into a target. Most animals on the Caglom homeworld are adapted enough that the fluid will only knock them out, like a poison, but injected into species from other worlds, this fluid can do incredible amounts of damage, completely melting some of them within seconds.

Universe: White

Super Sunday: The Lasts of their Kinds

Sometimes species don’t last. And when a species dies, someone has to be the last one to go:

The Lasts of their Kinds


Dzop’s species was native to the galaxy called the Circle, where a great variety of life exists. Dzop was off-world when the planet was attacked by a hostile species that killed all life there, and now only Dzop remains. Dzop is understandably upset about this, but the rest of the Circle has taken pity on the sole survivor, now treating Dzop as an endangered celebrity. Newshounds follow every move, while governments assign bodyguards if Dzop enters their territory. Dzop makes the most of this fame, speaking out about anti-war causes, but mostly Dzop is just tired and would welcome the rest of death.
Universe: Orange


Veet is the last of the Lehss in universe Blue. This version of the planet Tefd has been ravaged by war and disease for a generation, and it has successfully brought the planet to extinction. The world is too large for Veet to be certain that there are no others, but there aren’t and Veet suspects as much. The Lehss are solitary beings by nature, but Veet still feels a great loneliness inside.
Universe: Blue

Dudger Bux

Dudger Bux is from a humanoid species that lived on a planet called Oripida. Dudger was the world’s first astronaut, whose joy at being the first in space was undercut by the planet being hit by a gamma radiation burst while Dudger was watching from orbit. While Dudger has the resources aboard the shuttle to live for some time, what is the point of doing so? If Dudger returned to Oripida, would it be possible to survive? The shuttle is not powerful enough to reach other worlds, but should Dudger try anyway? The situation seems hopeless and Dudger can only pray for some saving grace.
Universe: Grey

Hebbix Da

Hebbix Da was the only Resukian to properly praise the Space Gods. The species was arrogant and self-important, to the point of trying to develop technology that would place them above all others, rewriting reality at their whim. Only Hebbix Da argued against the use of such technology, saying it was not the Resukians’ place to have that much power. When the Space Gods came and wiped the planet of Resukian life, they rewarded the lone loyal survivor by bringing Hebbix Da to their godly realm to live out a natural lifespan in a paradise.
Universe: Silver

Super Sunday: Nodeelans


Originating on the planet Nodeela, the Nodeelan are a snake-like species that has spread throughout the galaxy known as the Circle. In the history of the species, more Nodeelans have been born on the many scattered worlds of the Circle than were born on the planet Nodeela. The species still remembers the world of their origin, they are still named after it after all, but most have never been there and have no intention of ever visiting. Nodeelans love to travel to other worlds, even resorting to stowing away on space vessels when more legitimate travel plans are hard to arrange. The Nodeelans are much more flexible than Earthly snakes and can manipulate technology with their bodies. Their eyes grow on stalks from their heads amid spikes that also grow there a protection for the eyes.

Dsurey is a Nodeelan who has settled down on the planet Dellwell.

Joazar is part of a law-enforcement crew that is tracking down the Feral Pirates of the Circle. Joazar and a motley crew of aliens from various species pose as lowlife traders to get into seedier parts of the galaxy for information, but so far the Pirates have remained one step ahead.

Laussa has wound up in a bad situation. Having stowed away on an exploration ship, Laussa got off the ship while they were visiting a strange world. Unfortunately, Laussa was not on board when the ship took off again, and it turns out that the world has no life forms that had developed space travel. Now stranded on this primitive world, Laussa occasionally tries to guide the life there toward developing technology, if not enough to get to space, at least enough that it might attract the attention of someone from up there.

L’Kon is a young Nodeelan that has become the mascot of a Yurderrian Space Navy ship. The Yurderrians are a space-faring species who were driven from their homeworld by invaders and now wander the Circle in the hopes of finding somewhere new to live. L’Kon lifts the spirits of the officers on the ship by performing skits and singing songs for them.

A Fact About Nodeelan: While there is not much in the way of a shared culture of the Nodeelans, there is not very much genetic difference considering how widespread they are. Perhaps it is owed to their long lives and low rate of reproduction, but for whatever reason, there just has not been very much speciation among Nodeelans.

Universe: Orange

Super Sunday: E-Cobbo


A small planet orbiting a dual star system is home to a small species that calls itself the E-Cobbo. Their world, which they call Oi-Tan, is a place of extreme seasons, with very dry and very wet phases alternating at a schedule we would recognize as almost monthly. But this chaotic seasonal schedule has not hindered the advancement of the E-Cobbo, who have adapted by building city-type communities that can transform depending on the type of weather they need to deal with at any given time.

Podge is a crimefighter appointed by the priests of the E-Cobbo’s dominant religion. Although there is no actual police force on Oi-Tan, the priests in particularly crime-ridden areas (of which there are many) will choose individuals and declare that they have the right to hold authority. The result is an awful lot of lone-wolf-loose-cannon crimefighters, but Podge has a more By The Book type personality. Unfortunately, the book has yet to be written.

Jorsh‘s family was killed by careless criminals who were slaughtering their rivals and did not care what innocents happened to get in the way. The thing is, the E-Cobbo don’t value their family the same way that humans do. Jorsh’s family consisted of a set of five parents who were supposed to churn out children at a rate of one per year, and thus only spending a year with each one. Jorsh was that family’s first child, and had been released so they could raise other kids. That family is dead now, but it doesn’t make much of a difference to Jorsh.

Dipt‘s favorite fruit bush was destroyed by careless criminals who were burning down a rival’s lair and did not care what innocent plants happened to be nearby. Having lost that bush, Dipt is now engaged in a quest for revenge, slaughtering as many criminals as possible.

A Fact About E-Cobbo: Although their economical system would be unrecognizable to humans, there are still a class of E-Cobbo who work “jobs” to be rewarded with food and shelter in a way similar to us. The most popular industry for this class is waterproofing. The second most popular industry is dust removal. The third is sneeze-inducing.

Universe: Bronze