Super Sunday: Owds People

Owds People

The People of the planet Owds are ruled over by a royal family who justify their rule purely by might. Perhaps at one time they gave some justification about being divinely chosen or whatever, but if so, that is lost to history. Now, the fact they are the most powerful is reason enough. If you don’t agree, why don’t you do something about it?

The Empress of Owds was featured on a Supervillain Sunday post, which suggests she might not be such a great person. The trippy cosmic hero Astrona has taken an interest in saving this world.

The Owds People conform to most of the standard humanoid features. One difference, though, is their two mouths. While the Owds People do stand upright on their hind legs when still, they move around on all fours. Commonly, if they are moving and want to hold on to something, they will place it in their lower mouth to hold it.

Vethew Tekh is a high-ranking member of the Owds’ secret police service. Tekh’s identity is so secret that no record of his existence can be found outside of his own files and the memories of those who are allowed to know. If a citizen learns that Tekh and the secret police are there, it is already too late for that citizen. Tekh has beaten seventy-three people to death in service of the Empress, and has enjoyed it every time.

Ezbrick Doi is a scientist working for the royal government on a secret reality-warping project. The project, the translated name of which would be something close to “The Godseyes”, is a set of goggles that allow the wearer to modify anything they can see in any way they can imagine. Obviously, this is a lot of power, so only test subjects who are extremely loyal to the royal dynasty can be used to test it, lest they use the power in some way against them. It has not been easy to find subjects loyal enough to trust, and the first nine tried all died in horrific ways. Ezbrick is certain, though, that the Godseyes will be ready for the Empress before too long.

And Iswin Heheka is the average suffering citizen of Owds. Living in a port city, Iswin is employed as a ship-builder. Iswin keeps a low profile, as all Owds people do, because they are always reminded to report any suspicious behavior to the guards. In her own time, though, Iswin composes beautiful music that she does not get to share.

A Fact About Owds People: The biological waste that Owds people produce is vomitted out through their lower mouths. For the species to have existed like that for so long, it is no surprise that they take sanitation very seriously. Owds people (and all the animals on the planet closely related enough to have the same system) expel their waste daily, after which they take baths in the highly acidic ponds that are naturally abundant on their world and are useful sanitizers. It has not been unheard of for Owds people to expel waste on enemies in battle, but… it’s rude, obviously.

Universe: Green

Super Sunday: The Advit Empire

The Advit Empire

The Advit Empire is native to a planet called Nodlia. They are an upright-standing, bipedal, fur-covered, horned species that stand in the average about two metres tall and have long tails. Long ago, in their history, the species called itself “Nodil”, and “Advit” was just a term to denote a native of the nation called Advi. But the militant Advit Empire conquered the world and wiped out any opposition, so now the species bears that name.

Since entering the age of space travel and developing the means to reach other worlds, the Advit Empire has discovered life on other worlds, and they aren’t all too thrilled about it. As long as the species found on other planets are willing to submit to Advit rule, there are few problems, but if they aren’t, the Advit go to war without regret. Just recently, for the first time, the Advit have encountered another space-faring race, the Ugder. This has caused tension, to put it mildly.

Iart Hyee is part of the Emperor’s court, serving as a security specialist in the Imperial Palace. Positions like this are assigned by the rulers themselves, so they are often made up of those close to the royal family, but Hyee is an exception. Hyee gained fame as a competitor in the Power Games, a sporting event held regularly on the homeworld that consists of events similar to what we’d call vehicle racing, javelin throwing, and hide-and-seek. Hyee’s performance so impressed the royals that the security position was offered as soon as Hyee aged out of the games.

Fraylar Yeer is the overseer of the planet Eiyoker, home to the Graaimer, the first species that was conquered by the Advit Empire. The Graaimer are a small reptile-like species, only forty centimetres tall, so Yeer towers over them. Yeer has little respect for the natives of Eiyoker, and treats them as slaves and toys with their lives by having them fight to the death as entertainment.

Nyat Hayn is an armored soldier, wearing the finest warriortech that the species has created. As with most soldiers privileged enough to wear this stuff, Hayn has not been given the chance to develop much of a personality, but has been indoctrinated since birth and shaped into a sort of dull-witted thinker, but skilled reactor on a battlefield. The arms of the battle armor are permanently grafted to those of the wearer, but can be attached to modularly-designed weapons that will then react to the wearer’s thoughts as if they were a natural limb. When the Advit conquer a “lesser” species, they will reward some of its members with suits of this style as long as they act as a sort of police force on the conquered worlds, protecting Advit interests. Aliens in that role are called “Loyal Soldiers”.

A Fact About the Advit Empire: The Advit Empire has a sort of religion, based on fire-worship. Almost all homes keep a lit torch, not for light, but as tradition. The bodies of the deceased are cremated.

Universe: Narsidon

Super Sunday: Arrphays


The Arrphays are a species of people with serpentine bodies and two limbs each with three digits. Arrphays are native to a world called Treinaf, which is a moon that orbits a gas giant planet, and is tidally locked so that one side of the world is always facing the planet.

Arrphay society is very territorial, with individuals building nests at the top of the planet’s treelike growths, and don’t let anyone else near it. This isn’t done with animosity, it is the norm for these people, but violence results if the social mores of solitude are broken. During the appropriate times of the day when Arrphays meet for various reasons (feeding, mating, planning, etc.), the gatherings are done in shelters built on the ground, away from any occupied trees.

The Wallfixer named Zerbdoffer is a member of this species, though he has not spent any time on the planet since his Wallfixer powers manifested and he left to be trained.

Ediwung is an artist, who sets up large decorative objects (painted stones, shiny streamers, that sort of thing) around the ground shelters. The resulting decorations are nice, but the actual installation of the pieces, the construction, is a performance and that is what the Arrphays to consider to be the “art”.

Accolan is constantly nervous about wars breaking out. There have been wars on Treinaf before, though never on the kind of scale we on Earth know, but Accolan saw some of the worst of it, and is now certain it will happen again. Every slightest sign of turmoil, every hint of anger between two Arrphays causes Accolan to exclaim with certainty that the war is beginning! Everyone who lives near Accolan is getting pretty sick of it.

Marhutto lives in one of the tallest trees on the world. That is not generally a concern when building a nest, much more important is distance from other trees, but Marhutto is very proud of the height. The view from Marhutto’s nest is stunning. Marhutto often spends hours sitting and looking out over the planet and singing softly.

A Fact About Arrphays: Arrphays have no teeth, but their tongues and the roofs of their mouths are rough like sandpaper. They “chew” their food by rubbing it around in their mouths.

Universe: White

Super Sunday: The Universe Wizards

At some point, I wanted to create a He-Man style franchise which would have a bunch of characters that would fight in space. The idea was that they were all wizards who rode around in space on magical things. They just stood on the backs of their “Steeds” (that looked like worms and saucers and stuff) and held on to some reins and soared through space. I didn’t have any notes, just a single page of sketches of some characters. I guess I’ll have to flesh out the idea now, taking the four characters I sketched and adding a few more more, and coming up with a concept. I can never have enough magical aliens, I suppose:

The Universe Wizards


Goolo is a Vurjileod, which is the species that invented the techniques of the Universe Wizards. Centuries ago the wizards there learned to draw upon the very powers of the cosmos, the wizard created magical steeds they could ride at speeds greater than light. Sadly, this power corrupted the species and they spread throughout space with reckless abandon, causing all sorts of damage, both to the Vurjileods and to the other species they met. Now, in the present, there are not a lot of Vurjileods left, and those who are, like Goolo, are trying to fix the mistakes of the past by keeping Universe Wizard power out of the hands of those who would misuse it.


Vutger is a Universe Wizard of mid-level power. Strong enough to impress those who are not magically inclined, but not enough to make a name among other Universe Wizards, Vutger craves power and respect more than anything else. With that in mind, Vutger spends a lot of time posing as a god on primitive worlds, and any other time scheming against anyone more powerful.

Dave Walter

Dave Walters has a name that sounds human, but that is sheer coincidence. Dave is actually a Gurmikon, a species that has suffered under attacks by evil Universe Wizards in the past. Learning the ways of their magic, Dave has become very powerful and now opposes any and all other Universe Wizards, hoping to remove the knowledge of their powers from the entire universe.


Fhufoo is a Trabban who has mastered the Universe Wizard skills and left the homeworld behind. Fhufoo has claimed a small planet and uses it to horde wealth gathered in travels throughout the universe, either going on treasure hunts or as an adventurer for hire.

Toyg Takarame

Toyg Takarame is a Groean, which is a large species whose homeworld is the seat of a royal family that uses Universe Wizards as its elite soldiers. Toyg is one of those, using the vast magical power to patrol the limits of Groean territory and defend against cosmic threats. Toyg is a noble and loyal sort, and pretty powerful as well.


Karradak is the vilest of the Universe Wizards, interested only in serving his own interests. He is also one of the most powerful Universe Wizards still in existence, having killed several others to drain their powers. Wanting nothing less than complete and utter conquest of the universe, Karradak is as much a villain as one could be. He lost a hand in a fight against Goolo, but has replaced it with a spike, which he finds suitable.

Super Sunday: Zurgbos


The Zurgbos are a species native to a world they call Zurgbotopia. They would probably meet our qualifications to be known as both Insectoids and as Reptilian, though the insect traits are more obvious to human eyes. They have eight limbs and wings (though they can’t fly after reaching adulthood) and two antennae that give them powers we would consider fantastic, such as telepathy, generating light, picking up radio waves, and remembering where they put small objects (pens and keys and cetera). Their primary means of communication comes as forms of dance, though they are capable of hearing and making aural speech (they can pick up languages pretty quickly thanks to that telepathy they have).

One of the Zurgbos, named Algo, is on the planet Earth acting as a member of the New Superhero Team. Most Zurgbos don’t like humans (I mean, why would they) and humans are so desperate to get Algo to fit in that they even make him wear clothes. Most Zurgbos wouldn’t put up with it, but Algo is either so good-hearted or so lacking self confidence that he grins and takes it.

Verdok is a veteran of the wars against the Flartians, having served in the Space Army. Verdok was a ground troop, which was a hard job in a war against an enemy that has spaceships. Verdok’s squad, a unit called the Zonky Warguys, was the Space Army’s presence on planet Gurlopp during the infamous Battle of Gurlopp. When the Flartians tries to take Gurlopp, Verdok was just a young soldier, but he after seeing hundreds of his colleagues die, and taking the lives of dozens of enemy soldiers, Verdok felt very old and tired. But he lived, and his unit held the planet until reinforcements could arrive. And after all that, he returned home and lost his eye by using a can-opener incorrectly.

Wuggu is the originator of the phrase “You need to make a meal before you can throw it out the window” and is incredibly famous for it. That phrase, which Wuggu wisely patented, has become extremely famous all over the galaxy, now appearing in songs, poetry, and space movies. Every time it is used, Wuggu gets paid royalties. Hes so rich that he never needs to work again.

Lijit is a translator working at the Zurgbo Embassy on Space Government Planet IX. His exeriences there have made him extremely racist against all kinds of alien species. He doesn’t like how they look different, or how they eat different things, or how their stupid voices sound all kinds of stupid ways. But Lijit is a professional, though, so he keeps all his hatred to himself, only muttering terrible things beneath his breath. His favorite color is one that humans can’t even see.

A Fact About Zurgbos: Zurgbos hibernate for the cold season of their planet’s yearly cycle. Those living on other worlds may not need to hibernate if they aren’t somewhere cold, but there seem to be health issues that arise from not doing so. Also, exposure to cold can make them sleepy.

Universe: Bronze