Super Sunday: Knlongads


Planet Ortoba Boboba is home to the species known as Knlongads. They are a humanoid species with purple skin, yellow eyes, bald heads, and facial hair. They are also an extremely heavy species, though they look thin by human standards, they are so dense that they would be completely impervious to Earth weapons like swords, arrows, and even small caliber gunshots.

During the war that once ravaged the universe, Ortoba Boboba was captured by the Flartians and, while a resistance there struggled for freedom, the many Knlongads who were off-world joined the Space Army to fight against the occupiers. Since the end of the War, Knlongads have been working to rebuild their damaged homeworld while their government makes secret plans to attack what remains of the Flartians, even if it means ruining the tentative peace that has grown.

The Space Army’s Ergad Derfochich is a Knlongad. A particularly dumb one.

Jank Dooper is a pan-galactic celebrity, an artist and performer of great renown among many species. In the time since the war she has made a name for herself by producing works that highlight the terrors of warfare and the toll it takes on innocents, her ultimate artistic statement being that Peace Is Better. It may not seem profound, but it has grown popular in galaxies that had been so devastated.

Wibbo Bikko is a gruff and angry sort. It takes a long time for him to warm up to anyone and consider them a friend. During the war, Wibbo was not willing to join the resistance, because he didn’t know them and he figured they were probably all idiots, but he was also unwilling to settle down and obey the Flartian oppressors. Acting entirely on his own, Wibbo built a shack in the wilderness and lived there. Any time the Flartians tried to approach him, he met them with deadly force. Eventually they learned to let him alone, since it wasn’t worth the effort to conquer that one guy. Eventually the Flartians were repelled, but as far as Wibbo is concerned, he was the only Knlongad not to have been a loser in that war.

During the war, Nilly Weerovva was a resistance fighter on the homeworld. During an attempted bombing of a supply depot, she was caught in a blast and lost her arm. Her colleagues smuggled her off the planet to receive medical assistance she would not be able to get there. Taken to the planet Rustagale, the cyberdoctors there crafted a powerful replacement arm for Nilly, one that gives her strength beyond the norm for her species. By the time she’d recovered from the surgery and learned to use the new appendage, however, the war was over. Nilly returned home feeling that she had not done everything she could to help. While she is not aware of the government’s desire to strike back at the Flartians, she is part of a grassroots movement that desires the same thing: revenge.

A Fact About Knlongads: Knlongads sleep in a bath of mud that they prepare for that purpose every day.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sunday: Tallians


Tallians come from a world they call Tallius, which is a moon orbiting a rogue planet, a gas giant they know as Tallanar. They are humanoid in shape, though they have wings on their backs which can not be used for flight. Tallians communicate by vibrating their wings and cannot speak without the aid of artificial voiceboxes, though those few living off-world often do have such technology implanted regularly. Such speakers will often keep their wings bound under clothes to help keep them from unconsciously beating their wings while they talk.

Agnes, the doctor about the Space Army’s Stinky Saucer, is a Tallian, but not very many Tallians have gone on to join the Space Army. Even during the height of the war with the Flartians, the Tallians preferred to keep to themselves and wait to see how things resolved.

Gutsum works at one of the Tallius’s geothermal power plants, harnessing volcanic heat to power the world’s electrical grids. Occupations for Tallians are trained for from birth, individuals are not given much choice in what they want to do with their lives, but because occupations only take up a small portion of their time, few are unhappy with what they have to do. Gutsum spends her considerable free time meditating in the thermal spas near the power plant.

With no star of their own, the Tallians have never had much chance to study stars up close. Greep studies stars, an occupation which many see as not very useful or applicable to Tallian society. Most of Greep’s work has to be done at a distance, often studying information purchased from other species, but every now and then, Greep gets to actually board a spaceship and visit some planet or space station where stars are more easily witnessed. Greep treats these occasional trips as the highlight of her life, but always returns home, because too much time spent among the stars is kind of creepy.

Reeprog is an employee of the Tallian government, working at the buildings used to house diplomats from alien species when they came to visit the world. While Reeprog tries to be nice to visitors, she does find them obnoxious with their harsh languages and lack of knowledge of Tallian customs. Reeprog deals with them by making snide sarcastic remarks. Perhaps the best thing about cross cultural interactions is how little people are on guard for sarcasm.

A Fact About Tallians: For Tallians, eyesight is not the most developed sense, they rely more on their hearing and touch. Tallian music is designed to send vibrations through the listeners and trigger physical reactions. In listeners of other species, this can cause effects such as making them drowsy or even causing them to vomit.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sundays: Fundroons

Just like last July, I am going to spend this month fleshing out the species of the cast of my Space Army comics.


The Fundroons are a species of shapeshifters capable of fully controlling their bodies and taking on any appearance they desire. When they made first contact with the rest of the universe’s species, the other species were very nervous about the Fundroons. Their paranoia led them to try wiping the species out. The Fundroons had no problem defending themselves and the other species just had to accept that these shapeshifters would have to be tolerated. The naming conventions of the Fundroons have never been explained to any other species, but the translations of their names are always abridged to two letters for some reason.

The Space Army’s C.W. is a Fundroon.

M.M. is pictured here in the default shape of a Fundroon, which is appropriate since M.M. has not left the Fundroon homeworld. With no reason to try to blend in with other species, there’s no reason to pretend to look like anything else. On the homeworld, one doesn’t shapeshift to pretend to be anything else, one shapeshifts to hunt prey. M.M. is extremely good at hunting prey, preferring techniques like flying in then taking a spear shape to pierce a target.

There is a disease that can affect Fundroons that causes their body to forget the default shape they are supposed to revert to when not shapeshifting. In the case D.F., his body got confused while he was in the shape of a chair, so now D.F. looks like a chair when not focusing on being something else. He isn’t immobile or anything, he can still walk around as a chair, but it does make him very self-conscious about his appearance.

T.F. is a Fundroon living abroad. There is always work for a shapeshifter, and a lot of that work is not exactly savory. T.F. has been hired by all sorts of criminal elements to do things like robberies, fraud, and all sorts of other illicit acts. Basically, T.F. is exactly the kind of shapeshifter that gives shapeshifters a bad name. But he’s making money, which is all he cares about.

A Fact About Fundroons: When off-world wandering among non-shapeshifting races, Fundroons tend to keep their eyestalks visible as a kindness to other species, so that they know they are dealing with a Fundroon (obviously this does not apply when a Fundroon is trying to trick the others). It also makes things easier for the Fundroon if they don’t have to focus on maintaining a non-default shape as a face.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sunday: Pan-Species Government Representatives

Pan-Species Government Representatives

In the galaxy that is home to such species as the Ugder and the Runk, it has been a long time since contact was made between space-faring races. There have been good examples of first contact and bad ones, but only recently, with the Advit Empire starting to reach into explored space, has the idea of the species all banding together for their shared benefit gained any purchase. These are some of the representatives of the multiple species:


The representative of the Ugder is the Head Organizer of Deuray, a position given after a long election cycle and held for life or until the populace demands impeachment. Immimmyimm is a popular official among both his own species and their neighboring species, the Shlafes, and is one of the masterminds behind arranging this pan-species government, going so far as to have a meeting place built on an otherwise unused moon in the Deuray system.

(For the record, Roghad, Bloodking of the Shlafes is the representative of the Shlafes in this body.)

Geppar Tayo

Like all of the Runk, Geppar Tayo is a cyborg. In this case, all the cybernetics are used to enhance Geppar’s mindpower (increased thinking speeds, vast memory storage, etc.). Perhaps a sign that the Runk don’t yet take the pan-species government as serious as would be preferred, Geppar got the position from the Runkish government simply by being the first Runk to apply and pass the test, though Geppar is quite serious about doing the job well.

Maybo Kt

The representative of the Halmeen is their royal Kt named Maybo. First contact between the Runk and the Halmeen went badly, which was the first contact either species had had with aliens, went very badly. The Runk, being much more technologically advanced, arrived on the Halmeen homeworld and began to colonize it, assuming the Halmeen were “just animals” and this resulted in wars that lasted for a long time. Though things have gotten better, the Halmeen still feel like they are treated as a minor power by other species, and this is perhaps why they more than any other are considering joining with the Advit Empire. Maybo, however, keeps his people’s thoughts on this matter to himself. For now anyway.


Howtow’s species is one of the most alien to the rest of those in this government. Howtow’s species does not have space-faring technology or even a government on their own world, so Howtow’s role is absolutely strange from their point, though they seem to be exceedingly kind to other races, so it makes sense that they’d want to help out. Communication with Howtow is also difficult, not only because it seems to have more than twenty forms of communication, but also because it seems to perceive time in a manner different than the other species. But the others want Howtow present in this body, because Howtow’s planet is directly on the border of the Advit Empire’s, but the Advit have had no luck taking over their planet. It is hoped that Howtow and the other species will learn to communicate well enough that they can figure out why that is.

Hem Seva

Srimuns are a species that is quite fond of the Ugder, as they were the species that introduced them to space. Hem Seva, who uses a wearable device to communicate to the other species, is very optimistic and intends to follow Immimmyimm in whatever actions he deems best. It is a naive outlook, but others see it as an example of the Pan-Species Government working out.


Stanhak is a representative of a species called the Q’Huss. For centuries the Q’Huss opted to remain aloof and apart from their stellar neighbors leading, on occasion, to open conflict. It is only within recent generations that the Q’Huss have begun to realize that working with others could benefit them greatly. Many of them, Stanhak included, were disappointed that just as they came to this more peaceful attitude the Advit Empire showed up and started making war seem inevitable, and the rest of the Pan-Species Government must work very hard to convince the Q’Huss that the attempts at peace will be worth the effort.


Kheppo is the representative of a race on a large aquatic world on the outskirts of “known space” as the Pan-Species Government knows it, on the outer rim of their galaxy. Kheppo’s species has not explored beyond their world, so they have no colonies at immediate risk of the Advit Empire’s approach. Still, Kheppo is a long-lived creature, and wise, and tries to offer advice to the other worlds who are in more urgent situations.

Super Sunday: Szunkruns


The planet Szunkring is a lush, warm world circling a red star. The natural life on the planet, though, is being beaten down by the Szunkruns, a high-tech race that doesn’t care too much about the long term. Szunkruns are a humanoid species (though with short tails, and their faces set in their torsos). Their skin ranges from green to yellow and orange. As a species, the Szunkruns value wealth and prosperity to a fault.

I’ve covered Szunkruns several times already on Super Sundays. First was Montoroloxi, based on an old sketch of mine. Then I fleshed him out by giving him a supporting cast. Then I gave him another villain: Juka the Deadly. Now here’s some Szunkruns that are not directly related to him, to flesh out the rest of the world.

Twisakwoa is, unfortunately, a beggar. In her youth, she served in a security unit during a time of conflict between two rival wealthy individuals, a veritable war. She saw a lot of combat, and lost an arm. After that, she was basically considered useless, and was fired. Nobody thanked her for her service and nobody helped her readjust to life. Now, Twisakwoa lives on the streets asking passersby for scraps, because asking for actual help just makes them ignore her.

Getfatmo works in a factory that designs and builds the robots that are so important for keeping Szunkrun society running. Specifically, it is his job to ensure that no robots are intelligent enough to realize that their lives are non-stop toil. It’s considered both a mercy, because it keeps the robots from being smart enough that they suffer, but also a security measure, because Szunkruns are certain that robots would wipe them out if they got the chance. Getfatmo wonders if this belief represents some sort of planet-wide admission that society is deeply flawed, and if it should be taken as a sign that things need to change. But answering that question doesn’t pay bills, so Getfatmo just keeps working.

Feredelell is a rich person from a line of rich people. Feredelell could go every day of his life without even trying to do anything useful to earn more money, without wanting for anything, and would still have more left over than most people see in their lives. Feredelell could also use that wealth to change the world for the better and still have much of it left. The first option sounds easier, so that is exactly what Feredelell plans to do.

A Fact About Szunkruns: Szunkruns can store food in a pouch in their mouths for later eating, but in the modern wealth-based society, that is considered something poor people do. People with wealth consider is a status symbol to not need stored food, because it shows their confidence that they can get food whenever they want it.

Universe: Orange