I hate my job. It’s probably not healthy how much I hate my job. I have the same constant dull headache and sensitivity to light that bothered me all through school, but at least there were some things about school that I liked. I hate my job. And I don’t get Summer off anymore.

I want to quit, but then I’d have to start some other job where I’m not paid as much. And loathe though I am to spend a life for no reason beyond acquiring wealth, that seems to be how this society wants me to go about this.

But I can say that a certain local newspaper is lucky I’m not half the pyromaniac the congregation of St. Andrews Catholic Church believed me to be when I was a child.

  1. However, this should cheer you up, you can eat dolphins from this day forward without eating dolphins. The god of science has deemed dolphins stupid. I read it in a book so it’s fo real.

  2. Excellent! That makes things better! I shall feast!

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