Super Sunday: Jideph


Jideph are a species of three-legged, two-armed, one-eyed, genderless little creatures that live on a planet in a universe that has not come up in previous Super Sunday posts. It is the universe that is home to the Wallfixer called Plornt, though their homeworld is galaxies away from Plornt’s. Two of these guys were seen during the SecGov story called Meanwhile, Between Some Universes. The idea there was that those two had a device that accidentally allowed them to follow the path Plornt had taken to the Secret Government’s world.

The Jideph homeworld was not seen, but there was mention of the Destruction Wars. It seems that before the wars, there was pretty advanced technology on the planet, and after, not so much. For the record, their mouths are meant to be the little dot below their eye, and they have big expressive eyebrows above the eye.

With the Jideph society still recovering from the massive wars, which happened generations ago, but with memories of their previous globe-spanning society still strong, there is a compulsion to keep a worldwide scale of civilization going. Penk is a package deliverer, one whose job it is to get things from one place to another as quickly as possible, no matter how far away it is. To get into work like this, one must be brave, or reckless anyway. Penk has no close family or friends and nothing to lose, and so is ideal for dangerous travels in a post-war world.

Joik is a collector of literature from before the Destruction Wars. The wars were recent enough that the pre-war era isn’t thought of as some sort of time of myth, but they were so destructive that very little of the written culture survived, so collectors like Joik, who actively search for artifacts and copy their text into new copies, are struggling to bring that culture back. Joik loves the work, but rarely actually likes the literature. As far as Joik is concerned, the new stuff is better because it is more understandable to a modern audience.

Begh lives in the richest area of the planet, which ironically was the poorest area before the wars. Because they were poor, they were less of a target during the war, and more pre-war technology remains intact there than anywhere else on the planet. Begh is a nervous sort, but extremely bright, and works to keep what technology they can in working order, to do things like generate power and purify water. Basically, Begh is indispensable to keeping the species alive.

A Fact About Jideph: Jideph take their nourishment by extending a needle-like appendage through their mouths and piercing their world’s equivalent of fruit to suck out the juices. The needle is designed such that they don’t need to hold onto their food while drinking it, so they can just walk around with a fruit stuck up on their face.

Universe: Outside the Local Multiverse

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