Makin’ Marios.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, when I started having money troubles at the end of 2015, I reacted by spending more money to keep myself happy. That meant getting myself a Nintendo Wii with the sole purpose of getting Mario Maker. Making Mario levels is something I’ve basically wanted to do since forever, and now it can be done.

I have just finished creating a series of four levels based around more plot than is necessary for Mario Maker levels, so now I’m gonna celebrate that:

Level One – Mario has to find his way into the Dungeon of Fungus.

Level Two – Mario must fight his way through the traps and defenses that the Goombas have established around the Dungeon entrances.

Level Three – Mario makes his way through the Dungeon’s cavernous interior to get closer to the 1-Ups.

Level Four – Mario finds the temple that is the entrance to the 1-Up cave, and must fight through the final line of Goomba forces.

  1. Nintendo should hire you. They kind of suck when it comes to writing plots. My main problem with Nintendo is their repeating stories throughout the years. Yeah I know the story was interesying back in the 80’s but we are well past the 80’s now.

    • Sadly, the problem isn’t that Nintendo is incapable of making more complex stories, it’s that they don’t want more complex stories. The real Mario makers actually think that too much story is distracting from gameplay, while chumps like me who have thought more about the Mushroom Kingdom than is healthy have nothing to work with.

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