Makin’ Marios.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, when I started having money troubles at the end of 2015, I reacted by spending more money to keep myself happy. That meant getting myself a Nintendo Wii with the sole purpose of getting Mario Maker. Making Mario levels is something I’ve basically wanted to do since forever, and now it can be done.

I have just finished creating a series of four levels based around more plot than is necessary for Mario Maker levels, so now I’m gonna celebrate that:

Level One – Mario has to find his way into the Dungeon of Fungus.

Level Two – Mario must fight his way through the traps and defenses that the Goombas have established around the Dungeon entrances.

Level Three – Mario makes his way through the Dungeon’s cavernous interior to get closer to the 1-Ups.

Level Four – Mario finds the temple that is the entrance to the 1-Up cave, and must fight through the final line of Goomba forces.