Phone Guys on April 30th

I didn’t have a chance or the inspiration to get any comics done this week (and I think I deserve the break after last week), so it is just the Phone Guys this time around:

But instead of leaving it at that, I’ll throw in a picture of a watercolor painting I did a few weekends back. That’s right, I’m a painter as well. I’m like a renaissance man.

fish bomb watercolor

I’m like a deeply flawed renaissance man.

  1. Poor Pete has got him in a Ryan Reynolds type situation. And the fish seems to have got himself in a Kiefer Sutherland type situation.

    • I don’t get either of these references. Am I therefore a bad person or just out of touch? Probably both…

  2. The references are to the actors in the movie buried where a character ending up in a casket buried underground and 24 where the character got stuck in several bomb situations.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know you were a painter, Pat! That’s awesome, I love paintings. I would actually pay for that goldfish one.

    • This is the first painting I’ve done since high school, and I’d say I’ve grown rusty (plus I never learned watercolors to begin with), but I’m gonna see if I can’t keep it up for a while.

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