Whence Scabies

During the second epoch of the Bronze Age, the kingdom of Uggapaggo was ruled by the warrior-poet Hargtock. Hargtock was a really vain and whenever his armies conquered some other nation, he would force its occupants to build statues and monuments about how great he was. It was on such a project in the nation […]

Merry Wedding

PDR just got home from one of those wedding things. This one was for his fellow Contains2man, Marq. The guy who programmed this website so that it blames him if it can’t find a page. Like this. This makes PDR the only Contains2 alumni who never did that wedding thing.


Marq did a wedding.
PDR bought no present.
‘Cause that’s how he rolls.

In other news, PDR has started bringing back his Shotgun Professor stories starting with the first one. I’ll probably put up one a month, and when if gets to the point where I left off before, hopefully I will pick it up again until I finish the story.

The Shotgun Professor in “Retirement”

There was a knock at the door, so the Professor begrudgingly took his eyes off the television. “Damn Jehovah’s Witnesses,” he muttered to himself. “I swear, this time I’ll just punch them in the face and be done with it.” The Professor rose from the chair, his back aching with the effort. He was an […]

Gene Colan

I’m not really good at quantifying my favorite things, but if I had been forced to pick my favorite comic artist, there is a good chance I would have settled on Gene Colan. His runs on Howard the Duck and the Tomb of Dracula in the Seventies alone cemented him in my comic-reading consciousness, and he became one of the first artists whose work I could recognize as a child. He never gave his characters generic faces, something I still see a lot even today. The characters actually looked like human individuals, which really helped those two series. He also had a great run on Captain America back in the Sixties which I can only afford to see reprints of, and a nice Black Panther serial from Marvel Comics Presents in the Nineties and with those. When all of this is added up, I’d say that there’s a pretty good case he was my favorite. And the fact that he was still contributing to comics even just a few years ago makes it even sadder that he’s gone now.