Y’know, since I removed the ability to comment on two of my post (this and this). I have not received ANY spam comments. I wonder what was so special about those that made them targets of all the spammers of the world?

Anyway, I have to come up with a million dollar idea and fast? What do people need more? Robot waiters that are programmed to explode if you order everything in Aramaic or genetically engineered fish who can build underwater statues of birds? I only have the resources to one of these ideas at a time and I have no idea where to start.


Yo, my hostages.
I suppose you want freedom.
Are your parents rich?

Once again, I have nothing particularly interesting to speak of involving my own life. But I do have that trip to New York coming up next month. I anticipate that it, even though very brief, will be pretty sweet. But apart from that, I can honestly say that I could not really tell my life at this point from my life a year ago. There’s really not been much change.

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