Friday, Bloody Friday

I’m using “bloody” in the “Oh, bloody ‘ell another week is over” sense, but I am confident that something, somewhere in this world is happening that makes today worthy of the other sense of “bloody” as well.

So, why the chunks do so many spam robots attack my humble Book of PDR? It isn’t as though I get millions of readers that they could spread their advertising too. Robots are an idiot.

In other news, I am in the process of getting my passport (a Canadian one, since the nation of PDR has yet to be recognized by other nations). With it, I will be able to travel the world and all that. It’s gonna be sweet.


Deathrace 2000.
It deserves much more respect.
A classic movie.

Speaking of film, there’s this movie coming out sometime called Across the Universe, which is this romantic musical that at first I would think I would be entirely against, but the music is all Beatles stuff and the trailer makes it look like such a visual festival of craziness that I admit I am intrigued. Times like this I wish I knew women.

  1. I’m a women! I’ll go to it, I am also inquisitive towards said movie. Also, you need to be online more. I am alone in a sea of internet!

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