The Villain From Mario 2.

I’ve had this wart on my left index finger for, I’m going to say a year now. Then I saw this commercial for a wart-removal product the name of which I can’t remember or be bothered to look up. Thing is, it actually allows you to freeze the wart yourself. This seemed like technology I should not be allowed to have, so I went and got some.

So yesterday, sure enough, using chemicals I have now freezed that wart it seems, and a nice circle of my flesh to the side of it. And I have to say the flesh that was frozen kinda hurts. And it’s all puffy. Suffice it to say I’m hoping I don’t get hit by a freeze ray now.


Mario 2 ruled!
I may like part three better,
But Toad made 2 cool.

Why hasn’t Wart, the boss from Mario 2 shown up again? And the fact it was a dream is not an answer. In the Mushroom Kingdom that would hardly matter.

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