Three Damn Digits.

For the record, I did get in touch with the bank and it turns out I gave the internet server wizards the wrong three digit security code and that’s why it isn’t working. And since the three digit code is on the card itself I have to get it off that and not the monthly statement things I got the number off. And that means I have to find the card, which I left in my room at some point to keep myself from using it offline.

For those not aware, my room is a reflection of my soul. When I am extremely happy, it gets cleaner. When I’m not, it becomes a mess. I have not had a clean room since I was twenty or twenty-one. And these days, it’s a damn mess.

Now I’ll point out that on my previous Visa, the three digits were easy to remember: 505. That’s a favorite number of mine, because it scares crows (I like crows, but still…). But they (Visa/Royal Bank) called me one time about upgrading my card to a different plan where I get double points or whatever. I usually go along with them on stuff like this because I genuinely don’t care and I figure they’re probably rewarded for every person they talk into crap like this. Anyhow, I wasn’t aware I would be issued a new damn card because of this. Thanks to this, I’ve lost weeks of having an email because I don’t have my 505. The shame of it all.

I guess I’ll try to find the card tomorrow and call them up again on Monday.

Sigh. I wish I had an actual life to talk about on here…

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh. 505!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PLEASE GOD NO!!!!!!!!! NOT 505!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’M NOT SCARED OF 505.


  4. I must admit, I was not aware so many crows were visiting my website. I apologize deeply.

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