Happy Haliday, I guess.

I have an appointment every Monday, so I walked downtown today only to find the place closed. I had forgotten that today is Natal Day, the birthday of Halifax. Which only confounds my day off. Then, I was unable to get in touch with Kip about that movie that we wanted to see, but it don’t matter anyhow, since I’ve been called in to work after all. Yeesh.

And speaking of Halifax, there’s been a story running through the paper about some kid who, given the choice of all these places he could go on vacation, chose Halifax. Now I’ve never been able to hold my interest very long in the articles, but from what I can tell there’s nothing especially newsworthy there. Some kid wanted to see Halifax. Is that really front page worthy? Are Haligonians so insecure about this corner of the world that this kid’s approval is the utmost compliment? It confuses and depresses me.

And now I have to go to work, so that’s a whole ‘nother layer of depressed.

  1. Yeah, I went to pick up some supplies … that didn’t go over well, ended up not getting home until 7:30, gar!

    We must try again for the movie thing… stupid Natal Day.

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