Okay, it’s nine years in the future and you suddenly don’t have lungs. You’re still getting around fine without them, but people have started mocking you and it is, frankly, getting annoying. Finally some guy dressed like a pirate comes up to you claiming to have the power to return your missing organs. Unfortunately it turns out he thought you were some guy whose shipment of musical instruments had gone missing. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the future, she looks bleak.


Golden Explosives!
They’re the most expensive kind.
Worth every penny.

Today I was informed that I needn’t be at work until two hours later than I was expecting. Which kicks ass. I got to be all eat-with-Marq-and-Kip-y. Which is way better than being at work. Way better. But now I still have to get ready for work. Which is less pleasing.

  1. I can make it less pleasing then work for you, I can make you go to work and kill puppies… those one we saw the yesterday.

    Also, I can make you sit next to me during Clerks2.

  2. No, you won’t see me try because you would like that! BIZZZZ-ATCH!

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