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I’ve got to say, I just suck as far as writing is concerned lately. I rarely feel like doing it. It sucks how muh time I spend at work thinking, I wish I was home writing, or something, but when I’m here, all I feel like doing is wasting time and feeling bad that I have to go back to work. I watch way more television. I sit at the computer and just randomly look up things. Yet even though I have all manner of ideas I want to write, I don’t do squat. It depresses me even more than I already am.

I have this short story I’ve been working on that I’ve told myself “don’t write anything else until it is done” but maybe tomorrow I’ll do some poems or something, just so I’ve accomplished something. For now, I’ll randomly stick up another one of my old articles. That’ll do for now.


Daze is not a word.
At least, as far as I know.
I’ll not look it up.

Also, it was Kipday yesterday. I hope you all made the proper sacrifices.

  1. Sacrifices or not Kip would still kill you. It’s just funnier that way. Also, I heard that he went to New Brunswick to see CCR, and dance to the pegan god of biker chicks and Hippies.

  2. I totally totally stop by today before my studio class but no one was home … maybe you guys where just avoiding me. If that were the case then I don’t feel so stupid!

  3. Well, I wasn’t home for real, but since I can’t prove it, I’ll assume that Marq was avoiding you by hiding in his closet. Naked. That’s pretty Marq-like.

    But next week is the week I start working only night shifts. Starting this Saturday, actually.

    Also, you see-saw seeyar? I mean, you saw CCR? Those guys are still around? Keen! Go you.

  4. I’m not going to answer your questions because I feel like they make light of the situtation. Racist war nazi pig.

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