PDR Has Fewer Teeth

Behold the teeth of a man who had not been to the dentist in twenty-five years!!!

Today I underwent a procedure to have two of my teeth removed. It went pretty well. One of the teeth was extremely stubborn coming out, and yet it was still only half an hour or so. I had expected more of a hassle. Even the people working there were very nice.

But man this stuff they used to freeze my face has done its job. It feels extremely weird even now, about an hour later. I almost want it to wear off so I can deal with normal pain instead of weird tingling. I may regret that later today, but for now, that feels like what I’d want.

For the record, I did not get to keep the teeth. They had to be shattered to pieces to get them out of there. Still, they will not be forgotten.


Two loyal molars.
They chewed things well for decades.
Heroes of the jaw.

Anyway, I have cavities being filled next month, so until then, that’s probably it for teeth.

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