Firefly – Objects In Space

If I’d tried to remember the show and tell you which episode was my favourite, it’d probably have been this one. I didn’t remember all the details, but the villain here was just so villainous that he stuck with me. Jubal Early. The character impressed on me so much that I remembered his name before it came up in the episode. He’s a mix of scary and professional that reminds me of Richard Stark’s Parker, though in a different way. A weird philosophical way. And indeed it remains a watchable episode of television thanks to him.

I hope that the actress who plays Kaylee has gone on to a long career in some sort of horror franchise. She’s so good at selling fear. Also, I need to give the show the credit for quiet space that I haven’t brought up yet. Quiet space is the best, but few shows seem to realize that.

I do have to complain about one thing, though. The exchange “That sounds like something out of science fiction.” “You live in a spaceship, dear.” I really dislike that kind of joke.

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