Space: Above And Beyond – R & R

As the title may suggest, this one is about the Wild Cards taking some downtime. They are stressed and exhausted from constant war, so they are given 48 hours on the spaceship caled the Bacchus, which is basically a mobile pleasure city. This episode has Coolio in it. This episode has David Duchovny in it. Those are some impressive gets.

And, as is the purpose of an episode like this, we get to see how all the cast relax. Vansen plays pool. McQueen watches old movies. Damphousse and Wang almost hook up with each other. West just kinda wanders around. Hawkes’s goal is the loss of his virginity, which is complicated by Hawkes having been given some medicine by a neglectful medic, one which In-Vitros are not supposed to get, and has now developed an addiction to that drug. Then the episode rushes to a fit in a battle where the team have to realize that they have to get back out of relaxation mode, I guess. It’s all kind of a mess.

I like that Duchovny’s guy is a Silicate who works on the Bacchus. It is more interesting to me if that whole species of AIs isn’t pirates, but there are some who can live and work among humans. It’s also worth noting that when Coolio’s guy welcomes the crew to the Bacchus, he says that the ship has real stuff, not “holodecks”, using that specific term from Star Trek. It’s fair enough, Star Trek probably exists as a show in that world’s history, so the term would exist there. It’s just not something I expected.

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