Super Sunday: Efmons 3


Time again for me to flesh out the Efmon family. These are the people from a fantasy world who mutate themselves to serve their demon bosses.

Grunnich Efmon

Grunnich is the family’s hunter. Her mutation allows her to run, on all fours, at speeds about as fast as a car and she can track scents from miles away. Her claws and her bite allow her to do a lot of damage to her prey. Since the war, Grunnich has been helpful during invasions of new worlds. When the Efmons show up in a new place and start conquering, often the first instinct of the locals is to flee and seek help. Grunnich makes sure those runners don’t get anywhere.

Essan Efmon

As should be obvious from his great big head, Essan is a smart guy. His mutation allows him to think more quickly and abstractly than a normal mortal, which has become especially useful since the family had to flee their home dimension and start dealing with the mathematics of higher space. This works out nicely for Essan, who is something of a coward and has no desire to be anywhere near physical conflicts. A downside for Essan, however, is that his intellect has riddled him with doubts about the cult-like nature of his family’s worship of the demon Thalamaya. But Essan keeps those thoughts to himself. He is a coward, after all.

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