Super Sunday: New Superhero Team (part 2)

In the interests of being easy on myself during this, the busy school season, I am going to rattle off some easy superheroes for a couple weeks. Instead of thinking up new characters and ideas, I’m going to use draw sketches of characters that already exist in my notes for my Hover Head stories.

The New Superhero Team

As I mentioned last week, the New Superhero Team is a sort of rival group for the Team of Superheroes. Here we have two more members of that team:

The Sound Effector

Once a prominent sound technician, Amber Yoiks’s life changed after she helped record an album by a prog rock band made up of wizards. Accidentally inhaling some of their “Mystical Smoke”, Amber gained the ability to see, touch, and control sound. For example, if she heard a “POW” it would appear before as a floating word in a starburst, which she could then throw like a shuriken, or ride like a hoverboard, or just expand to make it deafening. With powers like that, she figured “might as well be a superhero.” You heard it here first.


When you are on a superhero team that routinely fights alien invaders, it can start to seem like you just don’t like aliens. That’s not the sort of image a group wants to foster, so that’s why the New Superhero Team brought in Algo, the Token Alien. With a ton of weird and wonderful powers, Algo is not only useful, he’s also a constant source of entertainment. He’s one of the good ones!

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