If I had a dollar…

If I has a dollar for every time I thought too hard about trivial things, I’d be like “Where do these dollars keep coming from anyway? Who exactly is giving them to me? Do they have unlimited wealth, or something, or are they actively taking money from other places somehow? If they’re taking the money from the economy somehow, is that stealing? If the dollars were being spontaneously generated when given to me, would that be better for the economy, or worse? And how can they possibly know when I think too hard? Are they monitoring my life with cameras somehow? Can they read my mind? Now that I know about the connection between thinking too hard about things and getting a dollar, will the process continue? How many times per day would I have to think too hard to make this a profitable enterprise? Would my attempt to do so be bad for the economy? Could I use my magic money charitably enough to offset any harm I would cause?”

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