Super Sunday: Cut-Up and Monstrona


Cut-Up is a part time superhero, part time stand up comedian. His career in comedy began before the other one, in fact he was working at a small club in New York when he was one of dozens of people caught in an explosion caused by a supervillains doomsday machine malfunctioning. Some people were killed, some were wounded, but this comedian was instead changed: He found that he could transform any part of his body at will into blades or spikes. His minor celebrity and his newfound powers combined to lead him into the circle of superhuman celebrities (shapeshifting actors, cyborg stunt-men, super-strong wrestlers, etc.) but he found his experiences with them to be hollow or soul-numbing. It wasn’t until he met some actual superheroes and saw how they used their powers that he really understood what he could do with his life. He joined the Strange Squad and has served with them ever since, but not without taking time to do stand-up.

Cut-Up is another one of those superheroes I created as a kid. At some point I wrote down the name and the idea that he was a comedian, then did a little doodle (Cut-Up had hair then, but I figure he is older now). The decision to have him be a member of the Strange Squad was also I have to stress that if I ever made a comic with the Strange Squad, Cut-Up would definitely not be tossing wisecracks and acting wacky in the style of the “funny” members that every superhero team seems to have. Cut-Up would be dry and sarcastic, sure, but no more so than anyone else. I don’t seem to have ever given Cut-Up a real name as a kid, and I still haven’t.


Monstora is the child of a monster and a heroic monster hunter who realized that they had more in common than they thought. She doesn’t know that, though, having been raised in an orphanage after her parents realized that they also had a lot that was not in common, then killed each other. Now called Carla Smith, she does not know the origin of her ability to transform parts of herself into monster-forms, but so far she finds it quite fun. Having used her powers to help people in her small town, she is making a name for herself as a superhero, but she has also caught the notice of a family of monsters who recognize the energy signature of the powers, and the notice of an ancient order of monster hunters who investigate such sightings. Now both of those groups are coming to that small town and Monstora will have a lot on her plate.

Monstora is one I made up on the spot. I basically just drew a hero with weird monster limbs and had to come up with something to do with that. Done.

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